CE-STALONG offers its customers its expertise to be part of any study phase that is, if there is a new project or maintenance activity, we have the resources and ability to a complete performance and our areas of activity include:


  • Detailed Engineering – Design and Project Management
  • Global maintenance services of pumps
  • Corrosion control – Blasting and Painting, Cathodic protection, heat tracing
  • Mechanical Installation and Maintenance of pipelines, valves, offshore crane
  • Vessel (HP/MP separators) cleaning and inspection for Shutdown & non-shutdown activities
  • Heat Ex-changer bundle pulling and Cleaning Services


  • Fabrication works – piping and structural
  • Fabrication of skips and skids for offshore equipment and facility upgrades
  • Mechanical modification and sectional replacement works
  • Modification and design of handrails and grating installations
  • Fabrication of materials basket and storage tanks for industrial usage
  • Offshore security upgrades on wall reinforcement and safe haven plan and design
  • Fabrication and machining of Spade, Flanges and Gear adapts


Instrumentation and Calibration of industrial equipment, PSV’s, flow meters and safety gadgets

Heat tracing; Process lines: • Complex Piping • Long Transfer Lines Tank Heating • Vessel Heating • Tank Foundation Heating • Hopper Heating Process instrumentation • Flow, Level and Pressure Transmitters • “CEMS” Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems • Process Analytical Sample Lines

Valve automation.




Calibration and service of portable and fixed equipment

Fire and gas monitoring

Life raft maintenance

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