The scope of our fabrication and construction capabilities includes BUT not limited to Piping and Structural fabrication,  Subsea, Umbilical, Pipeline, flowline, Risers and Installation aids fabrication. The components and structures includes:

  • —Accumulator Rack
  • —Flying Lead Basket
  • —Subsea Clamps Stands
  • —Inline Tee
  • —Mud Mat
  • —Support Frames
  • —Subsea Well Jumpers
  • —Subsea Manifold Support Structures
  • —Subsea ROV Panel
  • —Subsea Tree Frame
  • —Subsea Control Module
  • —Flowline Spools
  • —Fabrication of skips and skids for offshore equipment and facility upgrades
  • —Mechanical modification and sectional replacement works
  • —Modification and design of handrails and grating installations
  • —Fabrication of materials basket and storage tanks for industrial usage
  • —Offshore security upgrades on wall reinforcement and safe haven plan and design
  • —Fabrication and machining of Spade, Flanges and Gear adapts etc
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