Maintenance Services

Ce-stalong Resources Limited has over the years developed capability and capacity to provide customized maintenance services across the industries of our operation with the help of our experienced workforce and partners in the following service sub-divisions:

  • Mechanical Engineering Maintenance services
  • Calibration and repair Services
  • Fabri-Care Services.

A. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MAINTENANCE We carry out installation, alignment, inspection, repairs and maintenance of the following mechanical systems:

  • Gearboxes (Lufkin and Allen Gearboxes) for Turbines, Pumps and Compressor both of Parallel Shaft and Epicyclic type.
  • Pump
  • Valves
  • Cranes (Overhead, mobile and fixed) etc.

B. CALIBRATION AND REPAIRS: CE-STALONG calibrate and certify valves, process control and sensing equipment which include but not limited to the following:

    Range of portable Gas Monitors of different manufacturers (Crowcon, dragger, MSA, Riken, Autochim, Watchgas etc.)
  • Valves (PSVs)
  • Level Controllers
  • Tanks and Pressure Vessels
  • Recorders, process meter and gauges etc.
  • Measurement Equipment


    Fabricare is a coinage we use to describe chain of activities necessary to preserve the structural integrity of fabricated structural and piping components, assemblies as well as repair and prolong their service life. These activities include nut not limited to the following.

    Ce-Stalong has developed capacity to offer:

  • Flange management and Torqueing Services,
  • Wear pad & clamped Pipe support installation
  • Pipeline repairs and rehabilitation,
  • Corrosion Under Insulation and Jacket Repair
  • Thermal insulation services
  • Underwater, Topside and splash zone painting services
  • Hot tapping,
  • Rust prevention and treatment
  • Passive Fire Protection (PFP) epoxy Insulation boxes for pipes, valves, flanges, actuator and structural panels and subsea